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Kelsey: twenty; dreamer; pictureholic; beach lover; night owl; avid tea & coffee drinker.
I like pretty things and clever words.
This is where you will find a mess of my thoughts, interests, and more.
"I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions."

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someone write a fic please!

As you wish. No guarantees it will be anything great, but I shall try!

Author’s notes: This turned out to be longer than expected, but I had this idea in my head that wouldn’t work without some back story first. Also, the first half is quite angsty, but don’t worry, the other half mostly contains some pretty explicit smut (NSFW). Enjoy!

Tony is exhausted in all meanings of the word. Between the recent news of his father’s marriage, Ziva still being gone, him frequently drinking as a result, and everyone constantly asking him if he is okay, he honestly isn’t sure how much more of it he can take. His life is a constant cycle that he wishes he could break but doesn’t care enough to try. The thing weighing on his mind the most though is of course the love of his life that he hasn’t had any contact with since he left her in Israel six months prior.

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omg please post the thing
oh alright then haha
I just didn’t want to post it if no one was even on to see/read it

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I would if I didn’t know it already but it’s really great so yeah you guys out there should push Kelsey to post it!
Well shmanks lady

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Anybody interested in reading a new fic tonight or shall I wait to post it? :P

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Is there a sign on my face that says I give a shit?

  • plot twist: you are everyone's first choice.

"A little honest swearin” wipeth away anger and bringeth peace to the soul."

Elmer Kelton (via wordsnquotes)

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kill me

oh my god

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baby | via Tumblr en We Heart It.

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same hurt in every heart

same trailer different park.

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