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just shake it off

Kelsey: twenty; dreamer; pictureholic; beach lover; night owl; avid tea & coffee drinker.
I like pretty things and clever words.
This is where you will find a mess of my thoughts, interests, and more.
"I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions."

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Guess who has an 8am on her first day of classes of the semester tomorrow, isn’t happy about it, and still isn’t the least bit tired


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Peace out Summer 2014✌️

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My worst enemy but ily 🍫

So much healthier!💇💁

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Caprese Bruschetta

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I somehow managed to disconnect the power button on my remote from my tv screen, so now I have to actually get up to turn it on or off until I figure out how to fix it *sigh*

"Wear your white pants while you still have a chance." (via properkidproblems)